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The first step is to learn what your true budget is, in other words what you can actually get approved for. This is done through completing our online application here.

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Different but effective

We understand that is not the traditional way to seek out a loan.
The old way is outdated, time consuming and has serious flaws.

The Traditional Way


Time Consuming

Spend hours or days looking at cars without knowing what type of financing you can get approved for



Trips to multiple dealerships, negotiating with salespeople, bank appointments, the entire process can result in a lot of unnecessary stress.


Potential Rejection

There is nothing worse than spending all that time finding a vehicle you love just to discover you can’t actually get approved for a loan to buy it!

The Equiloan Way


Fast and Easy

Complete our free online application in under 3 minutes from anywhere, at anytime.


Stress Free

We take care of everything. We get you the best rate possible and only show you services you qualify for.


Any Credit Accepted

We believe that every Canadian should have access to the financing they need, regardless of their credit situation. No fear of rejection here!

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